How we started

Our law firm was started in the early 1950’s in Germany by Walter O’Haire, an American attorney who had worked as part of the prosecution team during the Nazi war crimes trials following World War II; more information can be found under history.

How we work

We only consult on matters of U.S. or international law.

Sometimes, though, in the course of our consultation, we determine that the legal help needed is not based on U.S. law. Therefore, we often work with other attorneys in other countries in order to make sure that our client’s legal needs are properly taken care of. We have a large network of attorneys with whom we work.

We are flexible, offering our clients fee arrangement options tailored to individual circumstances including, when appropriate, contingency fees or fixed fees.

Who we are

We are an American law firm based in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. We maintain contact points for our European clients in Frankfurt, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium. All consultations by appointment only.